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 What is the cost to attend special events at Town Hall?

All Town of La Plata events are free.  At some events, there may be items available for purchase such as food.  But there is never a charge to attend and enjoy the activities.

 May I attend Town of La Plata special events if I am not a La Plata resident?

Yes.  All Town of La Plata events are open to the general public.

 Where are events held?

Summer Concerts take place on the west lawn at La Plata Town Hall
Summer Concerts take place on the west lawn at La Plata Town Hall
Most events take place at Town Hall.  Click here for directions.  Summer Concerts are held on the west lawn immediately adjacent to the building.  Most other events take place on the east side of the building in the parking lot and grassy area just beyond.  Events during colder months, such as holiday events, are held inside Town Hall.

 Are restrooms available?

Yes.  Town Hall is open to the public during events for access to the restrooms. 

 Where should I park when attending La Plata events?

Throughout the year there are many events at Town Hall.  Guests often ask where the best location is to park.

For small Town events there is ample street parking in striped spaces down La Grange Avenue and side streets. For those small events the Town Hall parking lot is also open.

With larger events the Town Hall lot may be closed for vendors or activities.  Please use the parking lot at Sacred Heart Church on St. Mary's Avenue, just a block west of Town Hall.  Click here for a map.  When parking at Sacred Heart, please be sure to use the back parking lot only and leave the front and side lots available for parishioners attending services and activities at the church.  The Town leases this lot from the Church for public parking.

Additional parking may be found along the north end of Maple Avenue along the railroad tracks on the north side of Charles Street.  This parking is often used by those attending a show at the Port Tobacco Theater.  This is just a few block walk to Town Hall.

There are a number of residences around Town Hall.  Please respect the people who live nearby and not park in or block any residential lots or driveways.   We ask that you not park in lots adjacent to or used by any open businesses when attending events at Town Hall.  The private residences and businesses may tow your vehicle from their lot.  Parking on private property is inconsiderate to them, and would not be a pleasant way to end the good time you had at a Town event.

Please do not park along any yellow painted curb, on grass, or in front of any fire hydrant.  Overall, please be respectful of others.

 Are children allowed at special events?

The Kids' Zone at the Summer Concert Series
The Kids' Zone at the Summer Concert Series
Yes, indeed -- allowed and encouraged!  In fact, most of the Town of La Plata special events are created with families in mind.  Games and activities for kids are almost always included.  We make an effort to provide a range of activities to appeal to youngsters of all ages.  And some events are exclusively created for children, such as our Harvest Halloween Party.  The Summer Concert Series features the "Kids' Zone," an area where children can play within view of parents who are enjoying the music.

 May I bring my dog or other pet?

We ask that dogs and other pets be kept off of Town Hall grounds during Events.

 May I bring a cooler to concerts?

Yes, coolers are allowed, but no alcohol, please.

 Is there food available?

Each event is slightly different, but generally, the answer is yes.  For the outdoor concert series at Town Hall there is a concession trailer that sells hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, nachos, soft drinks, candy and other items.  The Circus Ice Cream truck is usually on site as well.  At the other events such as Celebrate La Plata and the Fall Festival there are a variety of food vendors on site as well. 

The smaller indoor events, such as the Harvest Halloween Party or Olde Tyme Holiday Gathering usually include free refreshments available to all who attend at no charge.  When that is the case, we try to include that information in our advertising.
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