Water Meter Customer Portal

Water customers can access information about their water use online.  With the Town’s Automated Metering Infrastructure system (AMI), the Town reads water meters automatically and gather data about water consumption to help track down leaks.  The Town currently monitors the water system for long leaks, where water runs through a meter for 96 straight hours. The system can send out email alerts to those who sign up about abnormal consumption or potential leaks based on defined parameters. 

Customers may access the customer portal that allows viewing of individual meter consumption data online and also receive email alerts. Each customer is able to see their hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly consumption data on a 24 hour delayed basis.  Each meter transmits use data to the network overnight from the previous period.  This information helps customers manage their water usage and help with water conservation practices.

If you are interested accessing the customer portal please call Town Hall at (301) 934-8421. Town staff will help you set up your account and have the system issue a user name and password. It will be necessary to have online access and be able to receive email to set up the account. A customer having direct access to their consumption information helps them to manage, use, and potentially catch leaks in the home sooner.

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