Sanitation Automation

Weekly curbside pickup of residential trash is the largest component of the Town's sanitation services. Each week thousands of trash cans are dumped into the back of a trash truck, to remove waste from resident's homes. It is one of the Town's most reliable and highly rated services. With challenges in the economy and future growth projecting increased service need for sanitation, the Town looked for opportunity for efficiency in this core service.

The Town Council approved the purchase of a new trash collection system that changed both how trash is collected and how efficiency is monitored. Each of the Town’s trash trucks are now equipped with an automatic dumper, to lift and empty cans into the truck. The system requires a specific type of rolling container with an integral lid.

Container Choice

A 95 gallon Town container is available to every residential trash customer. Customers desiring a smaller container may request one 2/3 that size, or 1/3 that size if desired. The dark green container with La Plata's logo is similar to these shown on the SSI Schaefer website.  This site shows the gallons and dimensions of the containers. Simply call (301) 934 - 8421 or email your service address and requested size to .

The three sizes available provide choice for residential customers.  Pick the one that suits your needs, and notify Public Works.  Public Works will deliver it to you promptly.  All exchanges will have a one time exchange fee.


These new containers are dumped automatically into the back of Town refuse trucks, reducing the need for Public Works staff to lift containers. The major benefit to this is the ability to reduce Worker’s Compensation claims related to on the job injuries. The system is able to track, through the use of GPS technology, the location of our trucks, when each receptacle was emptied, and the timing of different trash collection routes. This provides the ability to track efficiency of the operation and make changes to routing to improve service.


  1. Please begin using the new container immediately.
  2. The container contractor geolocated the container to be used with your address.
  3. Please make note of your container's number, so you do not mistake it for your neighbor's container. You may put a label on the inside lid to help identify the container.

Three sanitation trucks are outfitted with the automated tippers.  The RFID computer system to monitor trash collection is installed in trucks and at the Public Works building on 301 to track when each can is collected and help improve the efficiency of routing. 

Your kind assistance is appreciated in ensuring the use of the new receptacles at your home. The Town is pleased that the quality and efficiency of La Plata’s highly rated trash service improves with this change.

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