Planning Department



The Town of La Plata Planning Department:


  • Plans to maintain and improve the character of our residential and commercial communities by making them more livable, walkable, accessible and sustainable.
  • Focus on customer service and development process.
  • Balance infrastructure needs and growth as the Town’s population increases.
  • Provide planning analysis and recommendations that enable the best planning and development decisions.




The Planning Department Coordinates all of the development-related functions across the Town and oversees planning, development and permitting activities, as well as Code enforcement. The department also works to update and implement the Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance to ensure the Town's vision  is achieved. The department is made up of three divisions


Boards and Commissions


Building Permits and Inspections and Fire Marshall's Office

  • View the current Building Code and Fire Safety Code
  • Apply for a building or construction permit
    • As of 1/30/2018 Planchek Inc. will be performing all inspections for new permits. Applications submitted before 1/30/2018 will be inspected by Middle Department Inspection Agency (MDIA). These inspections include but are not limited to:
      • Building
      • Electrical
      • Plumbing 
    • Planchek Inc. can be reached via:

      • Phone: (301) 870-8710 or (301) 645-3302
      • Website:
      • Mail: 6C Industrial Park Drive Waldorf, MD 20602
  • Apply for Use and Occupancy Permit
    • Fire Inspections will be done for every Use and Occupancy Permit. You can Contact the State Fire Marshall' Office at (440) 550-6820.
  • Apply for a Rental License or schedule a Rental Inspection
  • Notify us of Code Violation


Development Review




Long Range Planning



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