Your Utility Bill

Please select this image to view this example bill in its original size.

When making a payment please submit the top half of your utility bill with your payment.  The barcode included in the bill, allows the finance staff to scan in your bill, and automatically bring up your account, so no information needs to be keyed in.  This improves both the efficiency and accuracy of the process.

            1.         The first number circled in red on the top left is the the amount due.  This number includes the water, sewer, storm water, Bay Restoration, sanitation, recycling, and account maintenance portions of your bill, which are listed independently below.

            2.         The second number circled in green on the top right of your bill is the due date. Please ensure payment is made by this date to avoid penalties or service interruption.

            3.         The third number circled in blue on the bottom portion of your bill is the amount of water this account consumed in gallons.  In this example, the account used 8,830 gallons during the service period shown on the right.  To calculate your average daily consumption, simply divide the total consumption, by the number of days in your service period.

            4.        The fourth item circled in purple on the right of the bill indicates whether you have set your account up to automatically be paid through your bank account. 

Would you like to pay your utility bill online, automatically, or with a credit card?  Simply visit the Online Utility Bill section of this website for more information.

If you have questions or need help understanding your average daily usage or your utility bill, please don’t hesitate to contact Carolyn Johnson at (301) 934-8421 or

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