The Legislative Services Department provides direct public service and assistance by responding to public inquiries relating to legislative activity, legislative processes, and Town programs and services.

Among the duties of the Legislative Services Department are:

  • Preparing and processing Council, Board, and Commission meeting agendas
  • Preparing and publishing Council, Board, and Commission meeting minutes
  • Publishing notifications of public hearings in accordance with the Code of the State of Maryland
  • Maintaining archives of municipal land records including deeds, plats, plans, and other documents in coordination with county and state agencies
  • Responding to Maryland Public Information Act requests and general inquiries from constituents, citizen groups, government officials, and business organizations
  • Ensuring compliance with the Maryland Open Meetings Act
  • Promoting citizen engagement through Town-sponsored boards, commissions, committees, and other workgroups

The Legislative Services Department maintains subject files, case files, legislative files, plans, procurement files, speeches, correspondence, minutes, transcripts, proceedings and other related records of the Town government. The Town Clerk is the designated point of contact for Maryland Public Information Act requests and prepares Town Council agendas in cooperation with the Mayor and Town Manager. The Legislative Services Department also manages membership on Town boards, commissions, committees, and workgroups.