Forest Conservation

Forest Conservation Area SignThe forest conservation regulations for development review are set forth in Chapter 108 Article VI of the Code of the Town of La Plata.

When Is a Forest Conservation Plan (FCP) Required?

Any activity requiring an application for a subdivision, grading permit or sediment control permit that propose to disturb an area of 40,000 square feet or greater is subject to the Forest Conservation Act and will require a Forest Conservation Plan and a Forest Stand Delineation.

Who Can Prepare an FCP?

Forest Conservation Plans and Forest Stand Delineations are required to be prepared by a qualified professional. For more information on becoming a qualified professional please go to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Conservation Act website.


Exemptions for forest conservation requirements are set forth in §108-43 of the Code and in these instances a declaration of intent is required. A declaration of intent is a statement signed by the landowner certifying the activity on the property is for the described activity and does not conflict with any other declaration of intent or a previously approved Forest Conservation Plan.


A preliminary forest conservation plan (FCP) and forest stand delineation (FSD) will be reviewed concurrently with a subdivision or site plan and will receive preliminary approval once all comments are addressed.

Upon submission of a final subdivision plat, site development permit or site plan a final forest conservation plan and simplified forest stand delineation will be required. All forest conservation plans will require a two-year maintenance agreement and a long-term binding easement agreement to be submitted and recorded as stated in §108-50 of the Code of the Town of La Plata.

To submit an application for a Forest Conservation Plan and Forest Stand Delineation please refer to the Development Review Application (PDF) on the Applications page.