1. Abandoned Cart Prevention Application FY22 (PDF)
  2. Administrative Design Review Application (PDF)
  3. Backyard Chicken Permit Application FY22 (PDF)
  4. Beautification-Public Space Improvement Grant Application CY23 (PDF)
  5. Board of Appeals Application FY23 (PDF)
  6. Building Permit Application FY22 (PDF)
  7. Commercial Recycling Application FY22 (PDF)
  8. Design Review Board Application (Updated) (PDF)
  9. Development Review Application FY23 (PDF)
  10. Forestry Declaration of Intent FY22 (PDF)
  11. Grading Permit Application FY22 (PDF)
  12. Home Office Application FY22 (PDF)
  13. Hotel Rental Tax Report Form (PDF)
  14. La Plata Farmers Market Vendor Permit Packet 2023.02.19 (PDF)
  15. Major Facility Fee Application FY22 (PDF)
  16. Mobile Food Service Facility Application FY21.2 (PDF)
  17. Noise Permit Application FY22 (PDF)
  18. Parking Waiver Application FY22 (PDF)
  19. Peddling, Soliciting, Vending Application FY22 (PDF)
  20. Planning Commission Application FY22 (PDF)
  21. Plat Recordation Application FY23 (PDF)
  22. Plumbing Permit Application FY23 (PDF)
  23. Public Art Application (2022) (PDF)
  24. Public Works Permit Application FY22 (PDF)
  25. Rental Application Package FY22 (PDF)
  26. Sign Permit Application FY20 (PDF)
  27. Special Event Permit Application FY24 Dated (PDF)
  28. Temporary Use and Occupancy Application FY20 (PDF)
  29. Tilghman Lake Pavilion Rental FY24 (PDF)
  30. Town Council Application FY23 (PDF)
  31. Use and Occupancy Application FY22 (PDF)
  32. Utility Services Application FY22 (PDF)
  33. Video Mini-Grant Application (PDF)
  34. Water Extraction Permit Application FY22 (PDF)
  35. Wills Park Rental Form FY24 (PDF)
  36. Zoning Confirmation Application FY22 (PDF)