How can I apply to be a vendor at the Market?

If you are interested in becoming a vendor in the La Plata Farmers Market:

  1. Do your homework!
    • Does your product require permits or licensing?
    • Does your process meet Health Department requirements?
    • What kind of packaging and labeling is required?
    • Just because you can make your product in your home kitchen, it doesn't mean you can sell it to the public. If you have any questions, contact the Charles County Department of Health, Environmental Health Services.
  2. Read the Market rules thoroughly, especially the parts relevant to your product.
    • Does your product meet our Market's product guidelines?
    • Can you safely store your product under a tent on a parking lot for an extended period?
    • Can you meet the logistical and time commitments?
    • Can you conduct your business in compliance with COVID-19 requirements?
  3. Visit the Market and talk with the Market Manager to see if your product meets the Market guidelines, and if there is availability on the date you'd like to come to market.
  4. Submit your Vendor Permit application (PDF) at least one week prior to the day you want to attend. You must submit or email it directly to the Market Manager.
  5. Your Vendor Permit application must be approved by the Market Committee and the Town of La Plata Planning Department
  6. Once approved, you'll get an email notification from Market Manager.
  7. Pay fees directly to Market Manager
    • Cash
    • Check or money order made out to "Town of La Plata"

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